Oil Filter Adapters - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to the oil temperature probe in my Continental C-75, C-85, C-90, 0-200, 0-200A engine?

A: The oil screen is desoldered from the screen cap. The screen cap is re-installed in the engine. The oil temperature probe is re-installed into the oil screen cap.

Q: Can I install the adapter?
A: Only certified aircraft technicians can install the adapter. Following completion of the installation, inspection by an I.A. is required. F.A.A. form 337 must be completed and submitted to your local Flight Standards District Office.

Q: What's the recommended time between oil and filters changes?
A: Most publications state 50 hours between oil & filter changes is acceptable.

Q: Where can I purchase the adapter?
A: Oil filter adapters can be purchased by calling F&M Enterprises Inc. office at 888-317-5222. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and C.O.D. orders. All orders are shipped U.P.S. ground, unless otherwise requested. Oil filter adapters can also be purchased through aviation catalogs or local F.B.O.s.

Q: Are there any special tools required for installation?
A: Only a torque wrench!

Q: Will Model T.A.F.-L fit Continental C85-8 and C90-8 engines?
A: No, only dash 12 engines.

Q: Does the starter need to be removed for installation of Model C6LC-S or C6LC-L?
A: No!

Q: I have heard that some temperature probes will not fit Model CO-300 adapter. If this is true, is there a solution?
A: Yes, it is true. Some after-market temperature probes will not fit the oil filter adapter, however, there is a solution. El-Reno Aviation of El-Reno Oklahoma markets an oil temperature probe adapter that will allow installation of the probe into model CO-300 oil filter adapter.

Q. Will model CO-300 fit a Cessna 172 with an alternator?

A: Yes! Some alternators can be rotated one bolt hole to allow clearance. Other alternators require the removal of a small amount of material from the oil filter adapter body.

Q: What do I do with the hexagon "fitting" on the oil screen on a c-172?
A: The hexagon "fitting" is an adapter for the oil temperature probe. The adapter needs to be removed from the screen and installed into the oil filter adapter.

Q: My airplane is not listed on the applicable aircraft list. If the adapter is S.T.C.ed to my engine and will "fit" in the available space, is it legal to install the adapter.
A: Yes! The adapters are S.T.C.ed to the engine as opposed to the aircraft.

Q: Will Model CO-300 fit the GO-300 in the Cessna 175?
A: Yes and no. Yes, the adapter will fit the engine, however, there is not enough room between the fire-wall and the engine to allow adequate clearance.

Q: Is there an A.D. against F&M's oil filter adapters?
A: No!

Q: Where is the filter positioned on the Cessna 182?
A: The end of the filter is positioned between the fire-wall and the engine mount brace. This position allows approx. 1/2" clearance around the filter can.

Q: How long has F&M Enterprises manufactured oil filter adapters?
A: Since 1989
• Model T.A.F.-L - 1989
• Model CO-300 - 1994
• Model C6LC - 1997
• Model C6LC-L - 1998
• Model C6LC-S - 2001

Q: What modifications are required for installation of model C6LC-S into a Beech Baron?
A: The only modification required is re-routing the crank case breather line. This is a relatively simple task.

Q: Do you have an adapter for a "Hawk XP"?
A: Yes, model CO-300! However, a field approval is required.

Q: Do you have an adapter for a TSIO-520?
A: Yes! However, a field approval is required.

Q: Are you designing adapters for additional aircraft?
A: Yes! Cessna 172-XP, Cessna 175, and Cessna 337.