Engine Preservation System

It has long been known that reciprocating engines have a propensity to accumulate water when not in use. Water accumulation or condensation will cause oxidation within the engine, resulting in accelerated wear and abnormally high iron count on oil analysis reports. Humidity in the air that results in water contamination within the engine can cause an aircraft owner thousands of dollars over the life of an engine. Reductions in flying hours can further exaggerate the problem. The best solution is to remove the condensation within the engine. Tempest’s new AA1000 Engine Preservation System does exactly that. Tempest’s patent pending design utilizes a specifically designed pump that draws outside air through a chamber containing a desiccant material which removes the moisture from the air. The pump then pumps the dry air into the engine through a hose attached to the oil filler tube. The desiccant material will turn from blue to pink at which time it needs to be reconstituted through a simple baking process. The material may be reused as many as 20 cycles.

The EPS carries a 90 day warranty with an optional extended warranty available.  It is also available in a 220V international version.

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