PMA Magneto Parts

Tempest™ is fully aware of the high cost of aircraft parts, so we strive to bring you the best quality FAA-PMA magneto replacement parts at the lowest possible prices, up tp 50% less than the OEM prices.  Tempest magneto parts are manufactured by Aero Accessories, Inc., to specifications dictated by FAA parts manufacturing approvals.  They are the highest quality direct replacement parts, approved for installation and use on certified aircraft.

We are often able to improve parts by redesigning them.  We are proud of the fact tha the OEM magneto manufacturers have incorporatioed some of our improvements into their own products, so you can be confident that when you purchase FAA-PMA magneto parts from Tempest, over 14 years of research and development and product improvement have gone into every part we offer.

Tempest engages in continuous research and development.  We constantly seek new and better ways to make our parts.  Here are a few of the things which, over the years, have helped improve the parts we make over and above the level of quality of the OEM part they replace.

  • New production epoxy IGNITION COILS for P-51 and similar aircraft.  Tempest worked with Rolls Royce engines when designing these special ignition coils to provide reliable ignition for these valuable aircraft.  Tempest coils run reliably, for hours on end, at manifold pressures as high as 130 inches.  Strega, the repeated Reno Race winner, wins on Tempest coils. 
  • New production  epoxy IGNITION COILS for general aviation.  These coils produce hotter sparks at lower rpms.  They often elminate the need for impulse coupled magnetos, starter vibrators, or other electonic starting aids.  Their epoxy encapsulation is guaranteed for ten years. 
  • CONTACT ASSEMBLIES use STAINLESS STEEL contact springs.  Contact spring  breakage was never a big problem, but regardless of manufacturer, it did occur infrequently.  A  fraction of one percent of the carbon steel springs broke.  Tempest specially rolled stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion on the part, avoiding enbrittlement which leads to breakage.  Of  the hundreds of thousands of Tempest contact points produced over a period of many years, we know of no case of a stainless spring breaking. 
  • Tempest has improved IGNITION CAPACITORS.  One type had a wire soldered to the end of the part.  Limited room in the magneto caused the wire to be twisted during assembly.  Often the wire broke off at the joint, or at least some of its strands were damaged.  Tempest capacitors utilize internal joints, wire guide ferrules, highly flexible wire, and a shorter can.  The wire isn't subject to damage during assembly and, because of the extra clearance, assembly is easier. 
  • Tempest led the way to development of tough, non-tracking, non-cracking, uncoated DISTRIBUTOR BLOCKS.  We developed glass reinforced resins which are much tougher than phenolic (the traditional material), and will not arc, burn, or track.  The blocks do not require dielectric coating, either when originally manufactured, or during overhaul.

These are just a few of the product improvements we've developed over the years which helps to make each part better, safer, and longer lasting.  In the end, that keeps the cost of flying down for everyone.