About Tempest


Tempest® is the leading brand of pneumatic, filtration, and ignition components.  This includes our complete line of OEM dry air pumps, oil filters, spark plugs and probes.  Additional Tempest product lines include; PowerFlite® starters and alternators, oil filter adapters and support tools. Manufacturing facilities are located in Gibsonville, NC, San Antonio, TX, Lakeview and Waterford, MI with sales and marketing offices located in Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. 

Tempest History
Tempest Plus Marketing Group, (TPMG), was founded in 2001 by Stan Fletcher and Tim Henderson for the purpose of providing marketing and sales services, as well as a well-defined and unique brand identity for the products manufactured by Aero Accessories® in North Carolina.  In January 2003 John Herman joined Tempest as a partner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  In 2005 Vince Bechtel came on board as Technical Sales Representative and is now serving as Regional Sales Manager.

Since 2001, Tempest has expanded its product line through acquisitions by Aero Accessories as well as new marketing agreements with other companies.  In addition to the Aero Accessories line of products, Tempest now markets products under its brand, manufactured by companies such as South Seas Ventures, F & M Enterprises, Aero Cables Corp and most recently, Aerospace Components.

The Tempest product line now includes a complete line of OEM dry air pumps and pneumatic systems, spin-on oil filters, spark plugs, fuel pumps, magneto components, PowerFlite® starters and support tools.

Tempest has become recognized and respected as a brand identified with superior quality, innovation, value and support.

The Tempest Mission

To provide the general aviation industry with products, service and support that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Tempest Partner Companies

Aero Accessories, Inc.

Aero Accessories was founded by Tim Henderson in 1984 and what started as an accessory overhaul shop has turned into a world-class manufacturer of OEM and PMA parts.  Prior to 2001, Aero Accessories manufactured and overhauled a line of dry air pumps, mechanical fuel pumps and magneto replacement parts. 

Since 2001, under the Tempest brand, Aero Accessories has expanded its pneumatic products to include a full line of OEM components and systems, including the Tornado dry air pump; the only new dry air pump design in thirty years.  Additionally, through both ground-up development and strategic acquisition, Aero has added a full line of spin-on oil filters and spark plugs.

Aero Accessories has state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing capabilities and facilities, giving us the ability to manufacture products requiring adherence to very tight tolerances and specs.  Aero Accessories has long been recognized as a manufacturer that consistently provides innovative products built to the highest of quality standards.

Aerospace Components, LLC
Aerospace Components is a limited liability company formed in 2005 by Bob Minnis, Ron Wilkinson and Bill Ward who collectively represent more than 100 years of experience in general aviation powerplants, manufacturing and associated services.

Aerospace Components facilities are located in Lakeview, MI where we manufacture PMA starters & alternators and component parts for starter and alternators.

Aerospace Components manufactures the PowerFlite® starter for Tempest. 

F&M Enterprises
In 1989,  a simple idea formed the basis of F&M Enterprises Inc.  The idea….an oil filter adapter that mounted directly to the engine.   F&M Enterprises’ first oil filter adapter was an instant success. The first adapter, Model T.A.F.-L, was designed for the small bore Continental Engines. 

Through the years, F&M Enterprises has designed oil filter adapters that accommodate the following Continental Engines:

CO-300series, GO-300 series, IO-360 series, O-470 series, IO-470 series, IO-520series, IO-550 series and O-470-11/15 series.

F&M Enterprises Inc. oil filter adapters offer the following advantages:

  • S.T.C.ed
  • NoA.D.s
  • Eliminates the need for oil screens
  • Engine mounted design with no external hoses
  • Increases filtering capabilities for longer engine life
  • Less mess during oil changes
  • Increased time between oil changes

To aid in the proper installation of the oil filter, F&M designed and markets an oil filter ratcheting torque wrench.  The torque wrench is pre-set to17 lbs./ft, which is oil filter manufacturers’ recommended torque value for oil filters.

South Seas Ventures, Inc.
SSV, Inc. was founded to provide ’better-engineered’ products for GA & corporate aircraft.  In 2001 Peter Burgher was frustrated with poor quality factory parts for his Beechcraft Baron. What he found were parts that had not been engineered into better solutions when better solutions were obvious.  Pete set out to engineer those better solutions and get the necessary FAA approvals. SSV was created and the inaugural parts are the Door Striker Plate, the Battery Drain Vent Fairing, and the Replacement Step; all for Bonanzas and Barons.

Since that time, Michael Kobylik has taken over leadership of SSV and, working together with Pete, began to develop more parts for the FAA approval process and ultimately, making them available to the aviation community. There are several parts working their way through the design and approval process. Additionally, many other parts such as support tools and ground support accessories have been developed and brought to market. Many more parts are in the 'back-of-the-napkin' stage.

Our design staff includes an aerospace engineer with over twenty years experience in G.A., an electrical engineer with extensive experience in component design, a mechanical engineer with over thirty years of interior component design and fabrication, as well as DER and DAR capabilities. 

Our capabilities are broad as we strive to satisfy customer requirements with a focus on quality and on-time delivery. We focus on problems that need solving with a specialty in low to medium volume, high quality aerospace components. Our quality manual is FAA approved and monitored. 

SSV, Inc. is committed to engineer better solutions to problems that can be found on many aircraft. Our philosophy and direction is to engineer, manufacture and sell innovative products and services to the aerospace and aviation community.