What Makes Tempest the Aviation Spark Plug of Choice? 

Tempest Introduces New Spin EZ Oil Filter - 08/10/17

Welcome to Tempest

Tempest® is the leading brand of pneumatic, filtration and ignition components, including a complete line of OEM dry air pumps, Alcor® probes and instruments, oil filters and spark plugs. Additional Tempest product lines include Powerflite® starters and alternators, fuel pumps, oil filter adapters and specialty tools. Tempest markets products manufactured by such companies as Aero Accessories, Inc., Aerospace Components, Inc., Alcor, Inc., Consolidated Fuel Systems, LLC, South Seas Venture, Inc., and Stratus Tool Technologies, LLC. Tempest sales and marketing offices are located in Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC and Dallas, TX.  

Effective May 21, 2015 F&M products will now be marketed by Tempest.  More information coming soon.  For product information now, please call (800) 822-3200 or email information@tempestplus.com.  

"Last year we had the fewest plug related issues with the B-17 that I can ever remember in 25 years.  Tempest plugs really made a difference in the day to day reliability of the EAA B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”. 

John Hopkins, EAA #763327
Manager, Aircraft Maintenance